Logilink TFT/LCD Screen Cleaner-Kit

Logilink TFT/LCD Screen Cleaner-Kit

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Special cleaning spray for TFT and LCD screens (eg laptop and flat screens), PDA, mobile phones, game consoles, TV, glare filters, uncoated and partially coated glass surfaces (eg mirrors, microfilm readers, OHP screens and lenses). Always observe the agreement notes of the manufacturer before use. For cleaning spray on a cloth to clean the display and polish with a dry cloth. The cleaner contains no alcohol, is non-flammable, completely free of butyl glycol and methanol as well as biodegradable.

Special cleaning spray for TFT and LCD
Also for coated and uncoated glass surfaces
The liquid contains no alcohol (non-flammable)
Free of butyl glycol and methanol
Not slurring; Dosable spray button
Purification using cloth (included)
Polishing using a dry cloth
Weight: 250 ml